An Ode to AngularJS

An Ode to AngularJS

In remembrance of my first love.

Your LTS came finally to an end. You retired on 31st December 2021. You will always have a special place in my heart.

You arrived with great anticipation,
    Put the web dev world upside down;
Model, View and Controller were in separation,
    Even Javascript beginners didn’t frown.

Be it JavaScript, CoffeeScript or SCSS,
    You handled them all in a snap;
Grunt helped you to transpile and compress,
    The only thing needed was an ng-app.

You were patient with faulty code,
    Throwing errors with the where and why;
Did selectors return a wrong DOM node?
    Did watchers kill the CPU workload?
        Did a variable on $scope get overshadowed?
Maybe the external callback needs an $apply!
    Maybe $inject lacks used params to minify!
        Maybe avoid $rootScope for all events passing by!

You were either praised or attacked,
    Yet, you advanced and left doubters behind;
Daily flame wars you fought against react,
    Until the day window.angular became undefined.

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Simon Wicki

Simon Wicki is a Freelance Developer in Berlin. Worked on Web and Mobile apps at JustWatch. Fluent in Vue, Angular, React and Ionic. Passionate about Frontend, tech, web perf & non-fiction books.

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