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Core Web Vitals explained with GIFs

Passing your Core Web Vitals and google will reward you with visibility. With Google’s June 2021 update Core Web Vitals (CWV) will become a factor in SEO ranking. It measures the quality of a site by these three metrics: LCP, FID and CLS. If you pass all of them them, Google will reward you with more visibility. You can check how well you do on these metrics via several ways:

Pimp Your GitHub Profile with Books You Read

Keep the books you read in sync with your GitHub profile README In this post I’d like to show you how to use GitHub Actions to automatically sync your Goodreads books you read in your GitHub profile README. I created goodreads-profile-workflow for devs that love to read and like to share what they read. You can customise the input parameters to your liking: list the books you’re currently reading, last 5 books you read and even add your personal ratings, too.

Useful Npx Packages for the Developer's Everyday Life

Npm comes with a neat tool called npx that lets you directly execute packages from the npm registry. It temporarily downloads it behind the scene and won’t pollute your local or global npm environment. In this post I’ll skip useful packages that are bound to libraries and frameworks like Angular’s ng, react’s create-react-app or capacitor’s cap. I focus on packages that have helped me through my daily life as a developer.

Simon Wicki
Simon Wicki
Previously Head of Frontend at JustWatch. Co-organizer of @IonicBerlin. Creator of https://notyfy.co. I love building things, coffee and books. Berlin.
Ionic · VueJS · Angular · React · SSR · Capacitor / Cordova

Work Experience
2019 — now

Working on existing and new hybrid apps, planning and implementing component based frontend architecture in existing enterprise setting, SSR, migrating frontends to newer frameworks.

2015 — 2019
Head of Frontend

At JustWatch I was responsible developing and maintaining one of the biggest Ionic hybrid apps in the world with 12M monthly active users over iOS, Android and web.
Fully migrated the code base from Ionic v1, AngularJS and Cordova to Ionic v4, VueJS, VueX, Capacitor and TypeScript.
Conducting A/B tests while maintaining a high functioning SEO site. Lead a team of frontend engineers.

  • 12M monthly active users
  • Web, Android, iOS
  • One of the biggest Hybrid Apps in the world
  • AngularJS—later rewritten in VueJS and TypeScript
  • Ionic

2011 — 2015

Working on landing pages, full stack solutions and web apps.

Ionic · VueJS · Capacitor · AngularJS · TypeScript
React · Redux · TypeScript · Chrome Extension · Ionic
Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
NodeJS · Facebook Messenger · Heroku
Game Music Player PWA
Angular · Ionic · PWA
PWAs mit Ionic
Workshop Barcelona · 2017