Stats and Learnings from Finishing #11 on Product Hunt

June 8, 2020
Notyfy badge on Product Hunt

I launched Notyfy on Product Hunt on 7th of May.

My first Product Hunt Launch 🎉—a lot of time went into the preparation together with my friend Peter 👋. Read on to see what stats and learnings finishing #11 on Product Hunt brings.


Let me quickly run you through what the product is that I launched on Product Hunt:

Notyfy is a browser extension that aggregates web notifications from Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and many more in one place. It is able to see which of the supported platforms you are already logged in — without requiring sensitive credentials like passwords—and does the checking for new notifications for you. Super seamless. Give it a try!


Notyfy install stats on Chrome Web Store platform

Notyfy’s install stats on Chrome Web Store platform

  • +218 Product Hunt upvotes
  • +165 New Users (+151%)
  • #11 Product of the Day
  • 19.9% Install Conversion

Let’s quickly talk about the Install Conversion: It’s a calculation with the data I had available (I’m not using any tracking inside the extensions themselves). I was surprised that having something so frictionless and without sign ups could yield such a high conversion: 19,9%!

I used the following formula:

Conversion = (Chrome Installs + Firefox Installs) / Landing Page Views

19,9% = (73 + 13) / 432


  • 📢 Hunter’s followers aren’t notified: After some testing we saw that none of the hunter’s followers were notified upon the new product launch. On the other hand the Maker’s followers were notified. Therefore best add the Hunter as the Maker as well, to get that initial upvote traffic from the Hunter’s followers as well.
  • 👀 Catch the user’s attention: It’s very crucial to have a catchy logo and an understandable tagline
  • 📅 Set a launch date: The preparation took a lot of time and the longer it took the less results came out of it. It took even so long that once a random user hunted Notyfy by themselves! No prepared texts, assets and logos were present at that time and the random launch didn’t exceed 10 upvotes. A friendly mail to Product Hunt solved this issue within 1 hour 🎉
  • 🗣 Interact with comments: Engage with every comment on the launch page by replying to comments upvoting other comments. It’s highly probable that this impacts the front page ranking algorithm, too.
  • 🙅‍♀️ Don’t fear haters: Launching on Product Hunt exposes what you’ve worked on and that can be scary. But these comments usually are well structured and should be taken as feedback to make an even better product!

Simon Wicki

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