4 Very Useful Chrome Dev Tool Commands

Chrome Dev Tools: Chrome

$_ — last output

maybe you don’t want to store results in a variable for quick calculations and just want to chain those computations.

Chrome Dev Tools: last output

$0 — currently inspected element

useful if you want to output or alter the selected element.

Chrome Dev Tools: currently inspected element

angular.element($0).scope() — get AngularJS’s scope

combined with $(0) this makes a great use to inspect a specific element and then check what it’s scope looks like.

Chrome Dev Tools: get angularJS scope

console.time(str) and console.timeEnd(str) — calculate the passed time

who hasn’t fiddled around with new Date(); or similar to profile a certain action in the code.

Just pass an identifyable string to each function call, so that the dev tools know where to start and to end.

Chrome Dev Tools: calculate passed time

The same is possible for CPU profiling using console.profile(msg) and console.profileEnd(msg).

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